Artist Lecture

Patrícia J. Reis: »Hacking the body as a black box«

11.03.2024, 19h30

Neue Wiener Gruppe/Lacan-Schule

Die Niederösterreich Vinothek

Piaristengasse 35, 1080 Wien

Beginning with the premise that we're living through a profound crisis of touch, dominated by the visual-centric nature of technology, in an era where technology seems to deflect further from human comprehension, it is urgent to find new strategies for touching, hacking and caring to repair our current relationship with machines.

Within my artistic practice, I delve into human perceptual experiences born from sensory substitution, aiming to explore the idea of "hacking the body" from within. Here, participants are not just observers but integral internal agents within the artwork's interactive system.

Approaching the human body through holistic and phenomenological lens, I draw upon my prior research, particularly delving in interactive haptic visuality and endosensorial image. At the core of my work lies the idea of envisioning the body not merely as an entity or a physical living organism but as an apparatus or even a “black box” in itself.

“ Love's Modern Nature”

Patrícia J. Reis, Agata Nowosielska
Curator: Anna Ciabach

15.01 - 16.02.2024

Opening: 15.01.2024, 7:00 p.m

Austrian Cultural Forum
ul. Próżna 7/9

The latest exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum is a meeting between two artists: Patricia J. Reis from Portugal, who lives in Vienna, and Agata Nowosielska from Gdansk.

The title “Love's Modern Nature” is a narrative about the current changes in the field of relationships, the understanding of which goes far beyond the romantic and interpersonal. Rather, it is a complex ecosystem of tangled feelings and fears, constantly reacting to changes that we as individuals cannot fully keep up with.

photo©Janine Schranz
photo©Flavio Palasciano